Department of Justice Response to 2005 MAF Assessment

The 2005-06 Management Accountability Framework (MAF) exercise was an important vehicle for supporting bilateral discussions about management issues between the Department of Justice and the Treasury Board Secretariat, the Public Service Human Resources Agency and the Comptroller General.

The exercise culminated in a set of mutually-agreed upon management priorities upon which the Department has been focused for the past year. In coming to these management priorities for the year, the department and TBS focused on those areas of greatest importance, recognizing that a focused management agenda is more likely to be successful than one in which we try to improve everything at once.

It is also important to note that these results are a snapshot of a department's performance against a specific set of indicators as of March 31, 2006. They do not reflect the efforts made towards improving the indicators and strengthening management performance since then.

The specific departmental commitments are:

  • Implementation of recommendations resulting from the Review of Legal Services.
  • Sustainable Progress in Integrated Business, Human Resource and Strategic Planning.
  • Advancing efforts in Legal Risk Management.

Progress in each of these areas is reported in our 2005-06 Departmental Performance Report.

We will continue to collaborate with TBS to obtain their feedback on our progress and their perspective on our challenges and opportunities for improvement.

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