Completed Access to Information Requests

Below you will find summaries of Access to Information requests processed by the Department of Justice.

Please note that this information is not all-inclusive. Requests that were not completed by the Department, whether abandoned by the requestor or transferred to another institution, have not been posted. Additionally, requests that focus primarily on the personal information of the original requestor or on third party proprietary information have not been posted.

The requests are displayed chronologically according to the year and month that they became available for public release under the Access to Information Act, and then by file number. The number of pages released and disposition listed are at the time of release.

If you wish to informally obtain a copy of the records released in response to a particular request, you may send us an email at, or write to us at the following address:

Access to Information and Privacy Director

Department of Justice
275 Sparks Street, 9th Floor
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8

Include your full name, complete mailing address, and the file number(s) requested. Please note that while the summaries are available on this site in both official languages, the responsive records are only available in the language and format in which they were originally released.

For any further questions regarding this process, you may contact the Access to Information and Privacy office at 613-952-8361.

Summaries of completed requests

Beginning in January 2015, summaries are now published by the Department exclusively through the Open Government Portal.

Summaries from previous months may be found below as well as at the Portal.





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