In support of the principles of open government, Justice Canada provides open access to information about how taxpayer dollars are spent so that you are better able to hold Parliament, the government, and public sector officials accountable.

Possible delays in proactive publication of information
Openness, transparency and accountability are guiding principles of the Government of Canada. However, the Government of Canada’s ability to meet timelines for proactive publication may be affected by the current circumstances and exceptional measures put in place to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect the health and safety of our employees. As a result there may be delays in the proactive publication of information during this period. Making government information available to Canadians proactively continues to be important to us. We will continue to make reasonable efforts to meet the timelines for the proactive disclosure of government information, in accordance with operational realities. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this period as we all navigate these unprecedented challenges.

Services and information

Open Government at Justice

Find Justice Canada's datasets and published documents in a variety of formats.

Access to Information and Privacy Office

Find completed Access to Information requests, research and reports, and contact information

Proactive disclosure

View mandatory publications on expenses, contracts, and reclassification of positions

Disclosures of briefing materials

Access briefing binders for parliamentary committees and lists of briefing notes issued to the Minister and Deputy Minister

Internal audit reports

Read the results of Justice Canada's annual internal auditing process

Reviews and progress reports

Find reports on Litigation Year in Review, Blueprint 2020 and other reports on Justice accomplishments

Transition materials

Access transition materials given to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General

Acts and regulations

The online source of the consolidated Acts and regulations of Canada

Decisions and supporting documents

Find links to decisions, fact sheets and other supporting documents