Privacy Impact Assessments

As part of the Government of Canada and an institution subject to the Privacy Act, the Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that privacy protection is a core consideration in the administration of its programs, activities and services that collect, use, disclose, retain and/or dispose of the personal information of individuals.

The Directive on Privacy Impact Assessments was implemented across government to support institutions in this obligation. It provides a framework for evaluating the impact of an institution's activities on the personal information under its control as well as for developing solutions to mitigate privacy risks that have been identified.

Please find below summaries of privacy impact assessments (PIAs) that have been completed by the Department or of multi-institutional PIAs completed on behalf of several institutions, including the Department of Justice.


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Addendum Summary for the Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings (CRDP)


Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Summary for the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act – Exchange with Employment and Social Development Canada


Central Registry of Divorce Proceedings (CRDP)


Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Pilot Project

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