Open Government at Justice Canada: A Year in Review – June 2021

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It has been a very fruitful year for open government at Justice Canada. We have completed a great number of projects and initiatives linked to our three key priorities: open justice, open data, and training and awareness. This year has been a test in agility and adaptability but it has shown us that despite working at a distance and with the use of technology, we can still make great strides to help our department be more open, transparent and collaborative.

In addition to completing milestone projects this year, open government at Justice underwent an organizational change that solidified its role at Justice Canada within the Department’s Information Solutions Branch under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer.  The new Open Government, Information Strategy and Policy team aligns well with the Policy on Service and Digital and creates new opportunities for the open and strategic management of information in the Department.

Open Justice. On June 1, 2021, we submitted our draft Open Justice commitment to Treasury Board Secretariat for final consultation with the public. The Open Justice commitment will be included in Canada’s 5th National Action Plan on Open Government.

Open Data. We completed two actions to support objectives identified in Justice Canada’s Data Strategy: the Justice Canada Core Data Inventory and modifications to the Request to Release Application.

Training and Awareness. Throughout the year,we were able to come together virtually to collaborate with colleagues nationally and internationally on open government initiatives as well as support open dialogue with the public on key changes to federal family laws.

The Department’s Open Government Advisory Group (OpenGov) celebrated the success of our Open Government Champion and the retirement of the role. Over the past four years, the Open Government Champion has illustrated strong leadership and helped to successfully advance this important initiative. Open Government principles are now ongoing considerations in key operational areas across the Department.

We look forward to new opportunities, partnerships and priorities next year with a renewed enthusiasm for the importance of open government and its ability to enhance the way we solve problems as public servants.