Disclosure on Wrongdoing in the Workplace

Report 2015-2016

Wrongdoing Case

A disclosure received under the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act (PSDPA) in July 2015 made allegations of improper conduct by a senior manager in regards to hiring practices and to the conduct of a personal business while at the workplace. An investigation revealed that three of the four allegations were founded. 


The administrative process for making a disclosure under the Values and Ethics Code of the Department of Justice was reviewed and modified as it relates to executives with an outside private business.

Any disclosure regarding business ownership by employees occupying EX or LC positions must now be made in writing using the appropriate form.  This approach will help to ensure these types of situations are fully disclosed and analyzed to prevent and manage conflicts of interest.

Corrective Action

No corrective action was taken as the employee involved resigned from the public service prior to termination of the investigation.