Department of Justice Canada Minister's Transition Book (Pocket version)

Key Upcoming Events/Business

January 16-18
Cabinet Retreat (Sherbrooke)
January 20-21
National Caucus (Ottawa)
February 6-7
Minister invited to the Access to Justice Conference (The Hague)
February 11-12
Canadian Bar Association AGM (Ottawa)
Week of February 25 (TBC)
Signature of the first stand-alone administration of Justice Agreement with Red Earth Cree Nation in Saskatchewan CIRNA Minister also invited
March 5-6
Indigenous Courtworkers Program National Gathering (Ottawa)
March 18-22
Minister invited to 13th Family Law Summit - TBC (Toronto)
March or April (TBC)
Minister invited CBA Anniversary of the Touchstone Report (Equality in the Legal Profession)
April 3-4 (TBC)
Symposium Exploring Indigenous Justice Systems in Canada and around the World (Ottawa) (not yet organized as not formally approved by former Minister. Other departments not engaged)
May 2-4
Minister invited to speak at the Joint Conference of Ontario Association for Family Mediation & Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (Ottawa)
May 29-31
Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit (Ottawa)
May 30
Minister invited to Association of Family and Conciliation Courts 56th Annual Conference Luncheon – TBC (Toronto)
Quintet – TBC (UK)
Date TBC
Minister invited to attend the State of the Courts event planned by the Nova Scotia Judiciary (Halifax)