Department of Justice Canada Minister's Transition Book

Federal-Provincial-Territorial Justice Relations

Justice FPT Environment

The meeting of Federal-Provincial-Territorial (FPT) Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety is an environment where ministers and deputy ministers work collaboratively on issues that address the concerns of Canadian citizens. There is a long-standing tradition of working cooperatively to meet the needs of all jurisdictions. The forum is attended by federal, provincial and territorial ministers of Justice, Public Safety and Corrections, attorneys general, and those having responsibilities for youth justice.

Annual Meeting of FPT Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety

This meeting, held once or twice a year, allows ministers to discuss justice and public safety issues and priorities requiring their direction or decision. The last FPT Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety took place in November 2018 in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Minister of Justice co-chairs the meeting with the Minister of Public Safety and the Minister of the province or territory where the meeting is held.

Key topics discussed in the last several ministerial meetings include: Delays in the Criminal Justice System, Mandatory Minimum Penalties, Preliminary Inquiry, Reclassification of Offences, Efficiencies, Cannabis, Impaired Driving, Indigenous Issues and Countering Terrorism.

Bilateral meetings with Ministers

The Minister of Justice meets individually with the provincial and territorial ministers of justice and attorneys general as needed. These meetings are usually at the request of the provincial/territorial minister.

Bi-annual Meeting of FPT Deputy Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety

There are meetings twice a year as well as conference calls at the deputy minister-level to discuss emerging and continuing issues, to review trends and to develop new strategies and approaches.

The last meeting of Deputy Ministers Responsible for Justice and Public Safety was held in June 2018.

FPT Structures

Regular meetings at the officials level support the development of options for deputy minister and ministerial consideration.

Discussions between federal, provincial and territorial governments occur in a variety of structures, including both continuing and time–limited committees. Examples of continuing committees are:

Some of these committees have sub-committees, usually referred to as working groups. Working groups may be established by deputy ministers or at the suggestion of ministers. Mandates of all working groups and CCSOs are approved by FPT deputy ministers.

List of membersFootnote 4
Government Department or Ministry Minister Deputy Minister
Canada Justice and Attorney General David Lametti Nathalie G. Drouin
Public Prosecution Service of Canada Kathleen Roussel (Director of Public Prosecution)    
Public Safety Ralph Goodale Malcolm Brown  
Newfoundland and Labrador Justice, Attorney General and Public Safety Andrew Parsons Heather Jacobs
Prince Edward Island Justice, Attorney General and Public Safety Jordan Brown Erin Mitchell
Nova Scotia Justice and Attorney General Mark Furey Karen Hudson
Public Prosecution Service (Justice) Martin E Herschorn (Director of Public Prosecutions)    
New Brunswick Justice and Attorney General Andrea Anderson-Mason John Logan
Quebec Justice Sonia LeBel France Lynch
Criminal and Penal Prosecutions Annick Murphy (Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions)    
Public Security Geneviève Guilbault Liette Larrivée  
Ontario Attorney General Caroline Mulroney Paul Boniferro
Community Safety and Correctional Services Sylvia Jones Mario Di Tommaso (Deputy Minister of Community Safety) Sam Erry (Deputy Minister of Correctional Services)  
Manitoba Justice and Attorney General Cliff Cullen Dave Wright
Saskatchewan Justice and Attorney General Don Morgan J. Glen Gardner
Alberta Justice and Solicitor General Attorney General Kathleen Ganley Philip Bryden
British Columbia Attorney General David Eby Richard Fyfe (Deputy Attorney General)
Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Farnworth Mark Sieben, (Deputy Solicitor General)  
Yukon Justice Tracy-Anne McPhee John Phelps
Northwest Territory Justice Louis Sebert Martin Goldney
Nunavut Justice Jeannie Ehaloak William MacKay