It’s not my fault

When parents fight, children sometimes feel it’s their fault.

It’s not your fault if your parents fight. Even if you think the fight has something to do with you, it’s their problem.

It’s not your fault if your brother and sister fight. It‘s not your fault if your parents fight with your grandparents or other family members.

It’s especially not your fault if someone in your family hurts you.

Sometimes people say things to make others feel guilty or responsible for the abuse like “you’re asking for it”. But no one deserves to be hurt.

It's not OK for your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, or another relative to act violently towards you. They are responsible for their actions. They need to be able to solve problems without violence.

Sometimes sexual touching can be confusing and make you feel ashamed. The person doing that to you may try to make you feel responsible for the sexual abuse – they may try to trick you. Remember, if someone touches you in an uncomfortable way – it’s never your fault. Tell someone right away.

Ask someone for help if someone in your family is hurting you. Remember, it’s not your fault.