Community-based supports

Supporting families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls on their healing journey is a priority for the Department of Justice Canada.

This is why we support community-based organizations that deliver services for families of missing or murdered Indigenous women and girls. Funding for these activities helps fill gaps where needs are high, building on the work of Indigenous organizations and specialized victim services programs.

Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of this investment is to support culturally-responsive, trauma-informed community-based services for families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.

Culturally-responsive services for families are those that are grounded in or informed by the various cultures of the families in need of assistance. A trauma-informed approach is grounded in client safety and empowerment. Trauma-informed victim service providers are guided by principles of creating a safe space, building trust, supporting client choice, respecting client control, and building on strengths. These principles are integrated into policies, procedures, practices and settings.

Projects address gaps where there are limited supports and services for families, and increase capacity where services were already being provided by Indigenous organizations.

Funding is linked to the following Victims Fund objectives:

  1. Promote access to justice and participation by victims of crime in the justice system
  2. Promote the development of law, policies and programs for victims of crime
  3. Promote the implementation of principles, guidelines and laws designed to address the needs of victims of crime and articulate the victim’s role in the criminal justice system
  4. Increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of victimization, the needs of victims of crime, available services, assistance and programs, and relevant legislation
  5. Encourage governmental and non-governmental organizations to identify victim needs and gaps in services, and develop and deliver programs, services and assistance to victims of crime
  6. Promote capacity-building within non-governmental organizations

For more Information

For further information, please contact the Victims Fund:

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