Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter
(No01 | Fall 2010)

A financial lever: the Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Suport Fund

The Access to Justice in Both Official Languages Support Fund was created in 2003 to increase the capacity of stakeholders working in the justice sector to develop solutions and heighten awareness on the exercise of official language rights among both the legal community and the public at large. The Fund can draw on a $41-million investment until March 31, 2013. This amount includes a new $20-million investment to increase linguistic training efforts for people already working in the justice system as well as to train and recruit young bilingual Canadians who show an interest in justice-related careers. In each issue, the Newsletter will highlight some of the innovative projects funded by the Support Fund.

To best channel this new investment, a Canada-Wide Analysis of Official Language Training Needs in the Area of Justice was conducted in 2009 at the request of the Department of Justice Canada. Observations that gleaned from this analysis are helping the JOL team direct its efforts and actions towards meeting training needs. The team is actively seeking the support and collaboration of both new and existing partners working in the fields of court administration, francophone affairs in provinces and territories, and the judiciary. Keep an eye out for upcoming issues of this newsletter - one of them will cover official language training needs in the area of justice.

For more information about the terms of the Support Fund and the types of projects eligible for funding, please visit the Programs Branch Web site.