Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter No. 1

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The Department of Justice Canada’s Justice in Official Languages (JOL) team is pleased to present this first issue of its electronic newsletter. This quarterly electronic publication will keep you abreast of activities and initiatives from Justice Canada and its partners who are working to improve justice services in both official languages. The Newsletter will showcase various access to justice issues, as well as inspiring practices that further this area.

Access to justice in both official languages is a bustling sector that brings together passionate and dedicated people who take justice and the enhancement of their community to heart. It is now accepted that this is not just a matter for lawyers and judges; justice is also an essential service for official language minority communities.

Whether you work in a community organization or an educational institution or whether you are one of our partners, this newsletter is for you. It is designed to be an information tool for anyone interested in justice in official languages issues. The JOL team hopes you will use this forum to promote your activities, submit ideas for articles, or send them your comments and suggestions.

This introductory issue presents the Justice in Official Languages Unit and its main areas of activity. Future issues will cover topics such as training and an interdepartmental network examining the issue of vulnerable youth within official language minority communities. We will also provide an overview of projects that, we hope, will spark your interest. As well, we would like to introduce you to the Department of Justice Canada’s Justice in Official Languages team.


The JOL Team

JOL team members
JOL team members