Justice in Official Languages - Newsletter
(No01 | Fall 2010)

Working in synergy

Having synergy between all justice system stakeholders is essential to providing Canadians with equal access to justice services in their preferred official language because – let’s not forget – justice is also a public service.

The JOL Unit has the opportunity to collaborate closely with several partners from all reaches of the country working in various sectors. This valuable collaboration contributes to training, raising awareness and offering services to the legal community and to official language minority communities regarding the exercise of their rights.

Thanks to the close ties formed with their partners who are, in a way, antennas on the ground enabling them to keep in touch with communities so that the needs of persons appearing before the courts can be identified and the actions to improve access to justice in both official languages can be better planed.

You can read about the JOL Unit’s activities on the Department of Justice Canada’s Web site. Feel free to contact the members of the team at JELO-JOL@justice.gc.ca. If you are ever in Ottawa, please drop by – they will be happy to meet you!