Public consultation on the Privacy Act – Submission – Anonymous #11

Cette soumission n’est disponible qu’en anglais.

Quebec, January 16th 2021

To the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

In my humble opinion Privacy Law should cover both public and private sectors. Public sector should not have a priviledged treatment. Public sector should have exceptions like the private sector, i.e. when they are processing personal information in order to comply with laws (e.g taxes, etc.).

In that regard, please:

  • Make it a legal requirement to safeguard personal information and come up with retention schedules.
  • Make it a legal requirement to report government data breaches.
  • Provide more meaningful remedies to individuals when their privacy rights are violated.
  • Make it a legal requirement that before collecting personal information, it is necessary for an authorized program that serves the public interest.
  • Make it mandatory to conduct privacy impact assessments.
  • Make it clear when and how government institutions can share personal information among themselves.
  • Give the privacy commissioner more enforcement options.

Best regards

[Information was severed]