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State of the Criminal Justice System Dashboard


Welcome to the Women’s theme of the State of the Criminal Justice System Dashboard. This section of the Dashboard helps illustrate how people’s interactions with the criminal justice system—whether as victims and survivors or as accused and offenders—may differ based on their gender. As a stand-in for gender, many indicators are presented by sex assigned at birth using binary (i.e., male and female) categories. This reflects a limitation in currently available data and does not accurately represent the complexity and diversity of sex and gender in the Canadian population. Over time, as new data are developed, including the collection of gender information with additional categories, the State of the Criminal Justice System Framework, Dashboard and Annual Report will be updated to reflect these changes.

On this page of the Dashboard you can look at information one of two ways:

The nine high-level outcomes of the Canadian criminal justice system are listed below. By selecting an outcome, a list of performance indicators associated with that outcome will appear on the screen.

Click on one of the nine outcomes listed below to learn about the related indicators and explore the data currently available.

  1. Safe Communities
  2. Fair and Accessible
  3. Confidence in the System
  4. Operation of the System
  5. Resolution Mechanisms
  6. Correctional Supervision
  7. Victims and Survivors
  8. Indigenous People
  9. Marginalized and Vulnerable People
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